about this whole blogging thing

Hi. Yes, that’s right. I finally started a blog.

People have been saying I should do this for a while. Maybe the word “blog” never explicitly came up, but the idea’s been around for several years.

I’m not trying to justify doing this on a weekday afternoon in the middle of November. (Okay, well, I guess I am. A little. In the least desperate way). Having a blog without posts just feels somewhat self-defeating. This takes care of that. I figured I’d use this inaugural-if-slightly-OCD post to outline what I have in mind for my blog.

That makes it sound like I’m super serious about it. I’m not. But I digress. My plan (imagine air quotes for full effect):

I’m not going to have a schedule. I’m busy, and I’ve got so many other deadlines that I don’t need a self-imposed one. More importantly though, I don’t want to write unless I have something to say. I could get really introspective here, but for the sake of overwhelming you, I won’t. The last thing the Internet needs is verbosity from me.

There won’t be a theme, per se. This is not a travel blog, a cooking blog, a fangirl blog, or whatever other kinds of blogs exist out there. This is my blog. It will probably be all of those things at some point, even simultaneously. I’m kind of all over the place. My blog will reflect that in paragraph form. To categorize it, let’s call it, “teenage girl writing about random things that pop into her brain.” Sounds pretty awesome, huh?

To reiterate: this is just me using words to talk about stuff that some people might find interesting. Please don’t expect this to be particularly glamorous. I sure don’t. In fact, the title comes from something I say far more often than I should, because I’m just awkward and trail off during conversations when I don’t have anything else to say. In writing, that doesn’t happen, and I am—really—much more articulate.

Also, if you’re still reading this: 1) thank you, I have/had no idea how this was going to work. Writing’s only the first half of it. 2) If you have something to say about it, by all means, do! I’m assuming everyone reading this (or, like, 99.8%) knows me personally, and I’m totally up for hearing your thoughts. I’m saying this now in case I write something a little deeper than this. Time will tell.

I’m excited to see where I end up going with this now that I’ve [finally] gotten it started!

And with that, I throw the metaphorical bottle of champagne at the metaphorical ship. If you care to read 400-word-plus snippets about the stuff that I think about, watch this space. If not, switch back to your Facebook tab. I won’t mind.

One thought on “about this whole blogging thing

  1. Great first start, Sarah. I’m hooked already! Can’t wait for your next installment. Literally. I’ll just be here, sitting in front of my computer screen, waiting for you to write something brilliant, like God’s eleventh commandment . . . I should get out more . . .

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